Hぃのはあんまし無いです(笑) オタクは世界共通ですね!
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:01:38
_v_ - Video Gam_000b
When it comes down to it, there isn't a better fap in JRPGs than Tifa.
There was love, appreciation, and yearning behind every fap to Tifa. 
Who do youth have to fap to today, the girls of Dragon's Crown?
C'mon, does any girl even come close?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:07:58
Tifa was truly best FF Girl. Body and personality and depth to go with her massive tits..

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:16:49
_v_ - Video Gam_002

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:18:06
_v_ - Video Gam_003b
Bro we just had a Tifa appreciation thread a few days ago.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:19:31
_v_ - Video Gam_005b
We can have another.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:24:14
_v_ - Video Gam_006b
Anon pls

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:33:38
_v_ - Video Gam_013
So much fighting spirit on that small frame.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:43:48
_v_ - Video Gam_016b
Where do you get clothes like this?

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:50:26
_v_ - Video Gam_017
A white tank top and a black skirt?
Literally anywhere that sells clothes. Suspenders too.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:51:27
_v_ - Video Gam_018b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:55:20
_v_ - Video Gam_020
Hm, yeah, I realized she's just hiking the skirt high.
It kind of looked like "impossible clothes" at first glance.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:59:43
_v_ - Video Gam_022b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)12:59:58
_v_ - Video Gam_023b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)13:04:30
_v_ - Video Gam_024b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)13:12:50
_v_ - Video Gam_026b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)13:21:58
_v_ - Video Gam_027

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)13:24:38
_v_ - Video Gam_028b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)13:31:11
_v_ - Video Gam_030

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:07:49
_v_ - Video Gam_038

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:25:53
_v_ - Video Gam_040
That face is so fucked up

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:32:25
_v_ - Video Gam_041

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:32:59
_v_ - Video Gam_042b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:44:10
_v_ - Video Gam_043b
you will never go on an adventure with your friends,
save the world, and fall in love with you childhood friend

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:48:05
_v_ - Video Gam_044b
The honest personality. It hurts...

nonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:52:15
_v_ - Video Gam_045b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:00:50
_v_ - Video Gam_050

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:04:12
_v_ - Video Gam_051

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:10:56
_v_ - Video Gam_057

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:15:00
_v_ - Video Gam_058

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:15:51
_v_ - Video Gam_059

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:17:50
_v_ - Video Gam_061

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:21:15
_v_ - Video Gam_064

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:33:35
_v_ - Video Gam_071b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:52:35
_v_ - Video Gam_080

 Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)16:05:54
_v_ - Video Gam_082

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)18:06:17
_v_ - Video Gam_094b
Rydia did more things for me fap wise than Tifa ever did.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)18:21:48
_v_ - Video Gam_096
Adult or loli?

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)18:29:10
Adult for lewd loli for cute

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:18:36
_v_ - Video Gam_100
Pirate girl is better.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:18:36
_v_ - Video Gam_104
What do you know, I have one more Faris image.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:23:32
_v_ - Video Gam_107
Its just that Captaining is a man's job and she needs to learn how to be a lady

aceman 09/02/14(Tue)20:16:22
_v_ - Video Gam_109

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:29:06
_v_ - Video Gam_111b
_v_ - Video Gam_111b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:30:18
_v_ - Video Gam_112
yuffie a cute

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:35:49
_v_ - Video Gam_114
I'm surprised Cloud even survived that shit.
I have no idea how they'd get those to work with realistic models
if they did do a full HD rebuild.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)21:10:26
She's perfect.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)22:26:37
Tifa's a bitch whose friend-zoning Cloud sent him off the deep end and turned him into a basket case.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)21:23:37
_v_ - Video Gam_120b

 Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)22:15:05
_v_ - Video Gam_125

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)22:37:28
_v_ - Video Gam_127b

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:09:34
_v_ - Video Gam_130

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:21:27

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:39:37
_v_ - Video Gam_138

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:40:39
_v_ - Video Gam_139

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:42:47
_v_ - Video Gam_141b
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:44:53
_v_ - Video Gam_143

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:45:56
_v_ - Video Gam_147b
Which Final Fantasy has the best girls?
VII is a strong contender with Tifa and Aerith, but Yuffie drags it down due to the whole Wutai incident.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:02:37
Quistis, Ashe and Raijin (or Fujin, I get them mixed up). Accept no less.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:13:13
_v_ - Video Gam_149b
I'm gonna say IV.
Rosa and Rydia are perfect, and Porom becomes a qt 3.14 in The After Years.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:40:24
_v_ - Video Gam_152
Miss Cloud best girl

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:01:31
_v_ - Video Gam_154b
FFVII, by a very large margin.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:03:05
_v_ - Video Gam_155
Fuck yeah Tifa thread

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:07:02
_v_ - Video Gam_157b
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:10:31
_v_ - Video Gam_162b
Summoners are always top tier, wonder why's that.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:22:03
_v_ - Video Gam_165b

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:49:02
_v_ - Video Gam_172

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:57:06
_v_ - Video Gam_175b
Nomura's old character and monster design is pretty nice.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)01:59:12
_v_ - Video Gam_176

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)02:10:21
_v_ - Video Gam_177
I love Tifa!

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)02:28:08
_v_ - Video Gam_180b

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)02:31:00
_v_ - Video Gam_181

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)02:54:25
_v_ - Video Gam_185

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:09:10
_v_ - Video Gam_191

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:23:50
_v_ - Video Gam_198

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:28:31
_v_ - Video Gam_200

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:31:05
_v_ - Video Gam_203

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:37:23
_v_ - Video Gam_206b

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:42:49
_v_ - Video Gam_207

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:59:10
_v_ - Video Gam_214

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)04:35:44
_v_ - Video Gam_226b

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)04:46:36
_v_ - Video Gam_228

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:13:00
_v_ - Video Gam_231
 (蜜蜂の館のアレですね fromちばれ)

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:15:09
_v_ - Video Gam_232

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:16:12
_v_ - Video Gam_233

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:22:26
_v_ - Video Gam_235

 Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:23:45
_v_ - Video Gam_236

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:25:40
_v_ - Video Gam_237

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:29:24
_v_ - Video Gam_238
Cloud crossdressing is great.

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:30:32
_v_ - Video Gam_239b

tfw no fluffy purple glowing waifu

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:47:53
_v_ - Video Gam_247b

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)06:16:16
_v_ - Video Gam_248

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:39:26
_v_ - Video Gam_245b

蒼龍さんは正規空母の - 艦こ_02

(    スレ長ぇ・・・   fromちばれ)